never said I was a angel
Guilt||Brendon, Loki & Brittany

Loki heard David shout behind him but he didn’t move. He heard Brittany speak as well, but again it didn’t phase him. His green eyes were locked on the mass of flesh, blood, and subordinate magic before him. When Brendon dug the knife in deeper he almost smirked, but didn’t. His eyes stayed narrowed and his lip curled in a sneer.

“As you wish.”

He brought the knife away from Brendon’s throat and drew it back before plunging it through Brendon’s upper back all the way to the hilt. The tip of the blade extruded from the left side of his chest and blood seeped through his shirt. From his back, blood ran down the knife and over Loki’s hand, but he barely noticed. His eyes watched Brendon’s.

David was shaking under her hand. Rage tried to overpower the guilt but it couldn’t. He planned to follow her advice and run. She kicked him in the face and he rolled due to the force and the pain. He groaned and placed a hand on his face before getting up onto his knees then his feet and running off. He still planned on taking out Audrey. He never let a job slip through his fingers before, he wasn’t going to change that.

She didn’t notice David run off, she didn’t even feel a single emotion radiate off of him. Her eyes were glued to Loki’s back, watching him pull back and stab Brendon with such force, that is caused the blade to come out his other side.

Sadness over came her, did she still care if he lived or died? She wasn’t sure, in her eyes it could of been the affect of how in the back of her mind she still thought of him as a person who was the same guy she met in the coffee shop. Though, he never was that guy either. Without thinking, she teleported right in front of him, not looking up at Loki,  instead looking deep into Brendon’s brown eyes.

Her hands grabbed the sides of his face and she felt a warmth run down her cheeks, tears? “I’m not going to save you,” Voice pouring out with heartbreak and the sadness her body was trying to feel. She couldn’t hear it however, she could only feel her voice cracking. Running her hand through his hair, her eyes now glazed with tears while she tried to get her point across. “We once were special, you were my world in a fairytale I wished to never leave. ” Resting her forehead against his. “I didn’t realize you were simply a dream I had allowed myself to believe was real, Brendon. You saved me from so much strife in my life, averted me from so many beatings,” Her tears were now cascading down her face onto his; Her hands gripping his head tighter. “Then you left me and I didn’t know how to handle waking up from such a dream, only to land into a nightmare.”  Her eyes landed onto Loki’s, her heart racing while blood poured onto her from Brendon’s wound.

“I almost died from this nightmare, until I met a guy who claimed he was a god. He turned my entire life upside down. First I compared him to you, enjoying the fact you had similar qualities. Then I realized, he, was brilliant and clever; More clever than you could ever dream of being. He made my heart beat faster and slower at the same time, and I realized I’d do anything for him. Even if he didn’t love me back, I’d love him for infinity and never let him be alone. ” Looking back into Brendon’s eyes and away from Loki’s. “He’s my real fairytale, my soul, my heart, he’s pure magic. I realize now, if you hadn’t of broken me down, I wouldn’t of met my entire everything; Thank you, Brendon.” Using her power and a bit of Brendon’s magic, she sent him into a deep sleep. Causing him to fall right over beside her. Slowly standing up, she simply stared into Loki’s green eyes. It was his move.

Pain, he considered it to  be pain. Feeling the God stab him directly into his chest. 
He didn’t wish to do anything else, he realized he’d made his point very clear. Death or her death. His eyes were misted with tears from the wound, a small grunt escaping his lips at the pressure. Brendon placed his hand upon his chest, feeling the tip of the knife and he couldn’t help but snicker. “Good for you,” Then she appeared. Holding him, crying for him.

Her words pierced his soul, it was a pain that killed him more than the knife had. Loki was her fairytale, her everything. He wished to vomit, not from the pain of the knife but from her entire thought process. Then she thanked him, the anger that surged through his veins worse than the pain he was caused. He was about to tell her where to put her thanks when everything went dark, smart girl, simple coma to get rid of him. It made him adore her more. 

Guilt||Brendon, Loki, David & Brittany


Loki hardly had time to realize what was happening before Brittany had vanished and he was being flung backwards toward a tree. Before impact, he cringe, shifting himself through the atmosphere and appearing behind Brendon. He grasped one of his wrists and pinned it up between his shoulder blades, kicking the backs of his knees so he fell to the ground before him. Materializing a knife in his other hand, he brought it around and held it to his throat. “Weren’t expecting that, were you, mutant?” He pressed the blade a little harder against his windpipe; not enough to kill, but a stream of crimson ran down his trachea and disappeared into the collar of his shirt.

Every instinct in Loki screamed to kill him.

David’s shoulders drooped and a shudder ran through him at the feeling. It’d been a long time since he felt like that. His eyes widened and he felt a rage bubbling up in him, and a desire for vengeance. Suddenly he ran at her and grabbed her shoulders. “How dare you try to control me!” He growled, his eyes practically glowing with rage. “I will skin you alive you little bitch!” He said before pulling a fist back to punch her. Everything was getting a red haze as the rage seemed to be bubbling under his skin.

This was fun, she allowed his assault upon her. Giggling during the movements. Flipping him around, she used her magic that was coursing through her veins to pin him down.  Narrowing her eyes, she bent her head deathly close to his. “Skin me alive? Let’s try something a bit original.” Placing her hand upon his chest, she sent a large surge of guilt through his veins. 

She crooned and moved her head around, enjoying the feel of feeling the emotions run around her body and through her veins. Brittany could easily lose her mind in this type of commotion. “Words do not scare me, David. I’ve told you before. I’m not afraid of death.” She was straddling his waist, while sending out another surge of guilt. Looking back down at him, her eyes changing to a aqua blue. “I wasn’t afraid when I had my fingers taken by you, I wasn’t afraid when I was locked up by SHIELD, I wasn’t afraid when I was threatened by Brendon, and I wasn’t afraid when Hel nearly took me in place of Loki’s price he owes his daughter; And let me tell you, she’s actually very frightening, but I didn’t care. The only time I ever was scared, David. That one time, was when Loki died in my arms and I feared I’d never see him again.” Pushing harder into his chest, the waves being sent through him like daggers, wanting it to be severely painful. “You are a simple, sad, human. You’ll never know how it feels to love someone so much that the only thing you fear is losing them. I pity you.” A tear streamed down her cheek landing onto his face.  She stood up, and  pursed her lips. ” You should run, before I kill you for what you did to Audrey.” Turning her head back towards him, She kicked him hard right in the face. 

Brendon felt the knife against his neck, the blood pouring down his throat into his collar. He didn’t feel. All he could do was laugh at the God who was holding him, debating on if he should kill him most likely. As he laughed he felt the blade cut deeper into his throat. “I wasn’t,” He answered Loki, enjoying the view of the park.

"Word of advice, I suggest you kill me." Leaning further into the blade, wanting to cut deeper into his flesh. "I’m going to keep coming for her, then one day when you least expect it, I’ll truly, finish her off. I’ll leave her body mutilated for you, just so you can know you never had a chance to save her." 

Guilt||Brendon, Loki, David & Brittany

Loki couldn’t ignore the way Brendon’s eyes lit up with rage and his inner trickster was just dying to fuck with him further.

He turned his attention to David briefly, flinging another knife and piercing his other leg just as he’d done the first one. He laughed, maybe cruelly, before his eyes suddenly landed on the arrows that surrounded them. He swallowed, his attention turning to Brittany when she was caught in the shoulder by an arrow. He snarled, eyes flashing back to Brendon for a second before he took Brittany and teleported her away.

They reappeared but Loki kept a cloak of invisibility over them and covered her mouth with one hand, green eyes sincere as he reached back and pulled the arrow out of her. Before she had the chance to cry out, he closed his mouth around hers and kissed her gently. Sharp jolts of happiness and guilt rushed through him and he almost took her away from that battlefield right then and there. But Loki had a score to settle.

And he hoped Brittany would too.

“Even if I ask, you won’t stay here, will you?” He questions, his lips almost moving against hers. “You’re injured and I can’t heal you right now, but I won’t let anything happen to you should you decide to stand by me.” He could hear Brendon and David approaching. They’d been discovered; the invisibility vanished. “Care for a bit of mischief, darling?”

David cursed as he pulled the knife out of his other leg. “Give me a reason I should stay.” David said to Brendon before walking slowly in the direction of the talking.

It happened all so quickly, Brendon sending the arrows, the shot in her shoulder, Loki taking her away. But the kiss, the kiss sent her over the edge. 

His lips were moving and he was asking her question after question, though nothing seemed to make sense in her mind. Bringing her lips up to his for a quick peck, her hand grasping the back of his head getting lost in his magnificent pitch black hair. “They attacked us on a sacred spot, Loki.” Smiling up into his lips, ignoring all of her pain and anger she still had about him abandoning her. “Mischief doesn’t even begin to cover what I wish to do by your side.”

Turning her head against his, she caught sight of Brendon and David walking towards them. Anger and hate was surging through her body towards them both, she’d warned David. She’d warned him and he wouldn’t go. Now, she couldn’t help what happened. “I have a score to settle with a fellow manipulator.” She purred out to Loki, while standing up slowly, though keeping her hand upon his shoulder for support. She might of been hurt; Her power wasn’t.

She looked right at the oncoming mutant leaving Brendon to Loki’s play. Allowing her eyes to change to a bright purple she sent a very strong wave of severe innocence into David’s mind. He wished to play, he’d play.

He watched Brittany be transported away in Loki’s arms. A growl escaped his lips while he jumped up and stood upon his two feet. He’d find them, it only took following the fools magic. Walking towards David a sneer upon his lips, he grabbed his arm tightly when he spoke. “You swore to help me take down Loki, I suggest that if you wish to run like a coward you do it now. Otherwise, show your strength!” Brendon hissed before tossing him to the side.

His brown eyes caught fire when he saw Brittany and Loki, he was holding onto her as though his life depended upon it. Emotions were swimming through his brain, the kind he didn’t understand. A fire a never ending fire taking control on his insides and all he wished to do was burn them both alive. 

He didn’t give Loki time to recuperate or even take notice he was there. He simply flicked his wrist and sent him flying backwards into a tree. “You and I have business.” Harsh and cruelty pouring through his veins. He’d leave Brittany alone, for the time being. He wished for her to watch as Loki screamed and died before her. Then he’d kill her as well.

Guilt||Brendon, Loki, David & Brittany

Loki’s green eyes flashed back to David as he felt more emotions bombarding him. With a growl, he extended an arm viciously and sent three venomous serpents rocketing toward him. They were only clones and couldn’t technically be killed, but their bite was much worse than their bark.

Then his hues turned back to Brendon and darkened again almost instantly. There was another knife in Loki’s hand the minute he’d placed the first one in Brendon’s foot but before he had a chance to react, the air around them seemed to shudder and before he had a chance to properly react to what was happening, he felt a presence by his side.

He turned to see Brittany.

Perhaps his reaction would’ve been more suitable if Brendon hadn’t spoken in the next second. Loki tore his eyes from the girl and looked back at him, his shoulders hunching slightly when he ripped the dagger from his foot and held it. Loki had healed entirely once again and, though David was pouring emotions over him, he stood in a position ready to strike.

Loki didn’t know what Brittany’s plans were.

But the fact that she was breathing was enough for Loki in that moment.

David ducked and rolled away from where his was, the snakes passing harmlessly. He ran a few feet away and got away from them. He reached down and yanked the knife out of his thigh, crying out. “Sorry Britty, I’m already in the fight, can’t leave now.”

Brittany took a step forward, she was making her way closet to Loki. She was directly beside him, placing her hand upon his shoulder blade turning him back to look directly at her. She could of yelled at him, all her built up anger wanting to surge out. She wouldn’t though. In this moment they had to keep their cool to get rid of both of the morons standing before them. “Make them suffer.”  Kissing his shoulder before turning her head back towards the men. 

Her eyes were on fire burning with such hate towards Brendon, but David. Now he was just on her last nerve. Hearing his voice, she growled out in protest. If David wasn’t going to leave, she’d easily hurt him if he kept attacking her God. But at that moment, her eyes locked onto Brendon’s, “Am I still your toy, Brenny? Come on, give us a kiss.”  Sending him flying backwards into a tree with a wink of her eye. Running her hand down Loki’s shoulder and towards his hand, lacing their fingers. Two on two, the odds were evenly matched, or maybe not.

Standing in his spot, her words sent chills and hate through his spine. She loved attacking him and hitting him exactly where it hurt. He’d kill them both, it was the only way. Truly, it was his only way.

Feeling her send a force of his own magic through his body and into the tree, his eyes flashed black in rage. Allowing himself to lay there, for a few moments. She was enjoying his magic, he could flip it around on her within a second. How, that was his true question. Simply he’d play a quick mind game first. “Choose the man who threw you aside as soon as you were thrown into a hospital, you truly are a different type of gal, darling.” He was playing with the idea of shooting arrows at them. Twisting his hand he did just that, arrows on both sides and from the front and the back. Let’s see how fast Loki could protect them both, when a swarm of arrows shot at both their heads and body.  Leaning up cautiously, he watched one hit Brittany right in her left shoulder. The game was afoot now.

Guilt||Brendon, Loki, David & Brittany

It was after Loki had thrown the knives that he felt the wave of emotion on him lighten. As if he hadn’t known the fabricated feelings were coming from somewhere nearby, that definitely gave him away. His green eyes fell on the mutant that had tumbled out of the bush and they narrowed. Loki didn’t see Brendon as a threat, but he saw this stranger as even less of a threat.

Loki grunted when Brendon’s shoe met his side again, coughing once and then glancing up at him, one eyebrow raised. “As if you could destroy me,” Loki watched the knife materialize in Brendon’s hand and, with a slight grin, he teleported away, appearing behind David. Materializing his own knife, he pierced David in the thigh once he’d turned to face him. Releasing the knife and leaving it in David’s leg, Loki teleported away again, reappearing in front of Brendon and taking the hand that held the knife, driving it into his own collarbone. “I am an immortal god, you incessant mortal,” He pulled the knife down, tearing through his own flesh slowly, but the wound healed as quickly as it was delivered. Finally, he pushed Brendon away and flung a dagger into his foot, pinning him to the spot with it. “You’ll never win.” He cast a weary glance at David.

David grunted when Loki stabbed him. He simply ignored it and stood up, facing the god now. He decided to just unleash his power on him, not bothering to hide it would make it stronger. He pushed fear, guilt, sadness, shame, and confusion at him. If he could just touch bare skin it would be even stronger, but this would have to do for now.

It’d been three hours since Brendon left. Tapping her fingers along her table, she could still feel his magic. It was such a tense and delicious feeling. Biting her lower lip, she swore after attacking David and feeling the high she was placed under she’d stop delving into Brendon’s power. Temptation however got the best of her, especially since she had a feeling it dealt with Loki.

Standing abruptly, Brittany stood in the middle of the room right where Brendon was before he left. Soaking in the power, “Ready or not, here I come.” She spoke out, letting her mind do the talking and feeling herself land in a cold dark place. Opening her eyes she noticed everything about it, it was so familiar. Looking around she noticed the three men, Loki, Brendon and David. Her blue eyes however trailed behind Brendon and Loki towards a bench. It was sentimental now, this was their first meeting. When she told him she’d never cave and he laughed at her. This was their  park.
Sucking in a deep breath, she transported herself directly behind Loki, nodding her head at David. She could feel his power surging into Loki, that annoyed her greatly. “I think it’s time you stopped fighting with Brendon, David. You might get yourself killed.” Calm and composed, she’d never felt so strong or on such a high in her life. Even if the man she loved was standing before her about to kill Brendon.

Trying to keep himself composed, Brendon didn’t scream when the dagger was thrown into his foot. He didn’t scream when the God tried to get a rise out of him, oh no. He had bigger plans. “I’ll never win? Well, I’ve said it before, if I can’t win, then I’ll take us all out.” A sinister laugh poured from his throat before he felt his magic being used around him. His head was looking around trying to find where the magic was coming from, then sucking in a breath he knew before he even opened his eyes. He knew before she spoke out her words. Brendon knew, Brittany was using his magic and she was in fact there to play. And not with him. 

"Oh, looks like the cat is out of the bag. Your angel isn’t dead." His voice was laced with false excitement. Clapping his hand together before, twisting his wrist causing the dagger to move from his foot. "And it seems she is close with David, ooh, this is exciting!"

Guilt||Brendon, Loki & David

Another palpable wave of emotion struck Loki and this time he got a better inclination of its source. That tree wasn’t its supply. It was coming from somewhere else…but somewhere close.

“Nothing changed my mind,” He responds simply and honestly. He’d not been honest with Brendon back at the house but would there have been a point to even try to be? Loki allowed himself to be struck with magic and knocked to the ground and when Brendon’s foot met his chest he fell onto his back, wincing a little as his chest ached slightly. It was while he was on the ground that he noticed movement in a bush nearby. Glancing at Brendon cynically, he flung three daggers into the bush while waiting for Brendon’s next point of attack.

David dived to the side, avoiding the daggers. His power was lifted from Loki for a second but then he sent a huge wave of guilt, shame and fear straight at him.

Brendon laughed watching the man throw the daggers at David. Towering over Loki’s pathetic body, a snicker escaped his lips. “How would you like to know I’m using the mutant who cut off Brittany’s fingers to help me destroy you?” Faking his best shocked and appalled look before kicking him once more.

The God truly was what he thought, pathetic. Running his long white fingers through his black hair, pushing back a couple excess strands that had fallen in his face during this pitiful brawl, a laugh just escaped his lips. “You truly are a waste on this earth. Maybe I should just finish you the way I nearly did when Brittany allowed me to escape.” Forming a long dagger in his hand, he couldn’t help but enjoy remembering throwing that dagger and Loki taking it right in the chest for her. “it’d be poetic.”

Guilt||Brendon, Loki & David

As a master manipulator himself, he knew very well when his emotions were being toyed with. He looked up abruptly, eyes narrowing toward a specific tree, when he felt a guilty string in his heart being tugged. Though he knew the emotion was fabricated, it still made him feel heavy, weighed down, hopeless.

He glanced around, the hair on the back of his neck on end, when he heard Brendon’s voice through the darkness. He said nothing to him, he had nothing to say to him, but his eyes dropped and narrowed at his hands as they spewed purple and blue. He almost rolled his eyes at him; people called him melodramatic. “You’re fighting over a toy,” Loki growled, green eyes darkening slightly. “I’m fighting for one I love.” His jaw clenched when he felt a wave of energy flow over him, the strong wave of guilt making it difficult to fight back, but he materialized a knife and sent if flying toward Brendon, purposefully missing his ear by only centimeters and having it pierce a tree behind him. Though Loki knew he didn’t deserve it, in fact he deserved to die slowly and painfully by his own two hands, he was giving the mutant an out.

A large part of him hoped he wouldn’t take it though.

David sat down slowly, continuing to pour guilt into him. He decided to add shame into the mix and sent an outpouring of that to him the same way he sent the guilt. He grinned as he watched the effect the emotions had on him. He really loved what he did.

"You’re fighting now," Brendon started before watching the knife fly right by his face and lodge itself within the large tree behind him. A small grin plastered upon his lips at how the God purposely missed him.  Walking closer, getting directly into Loki’s face he snickered. "For the one you love. How cute, what changed your mind?" Inquiring while sending a wave of power at Loki, causing him to fall to the ground on his knees.

Towering over him, Brendon let the moonlight cascade around them. Enjoying the feel of taking down someone who was suppose to be held in such a high regard. “Before we go any further, I should probably tell you how I marked her precious skin before she kicked it. You know, the one you love.” Kicking Loki right in the chest with a pulse of dark magic surging through his foot and into the God’s body.  

Coming Home: Brittany & Brendon

Brittany simply nodded causing his lips to move around her neck, while she simply closed her eyes and tried to make herself forget his words he’d just spoke.
you still smell just like him.’ That entire phrase sent a chill through her body that she wanted to surpress forever. “Go ahead, mar me.” Brittany cooed out, rubbing a thumb over his hand allowing him to take control. “He doesn’t own me anymore, I am yours.” It felt as though her heart had fallen deep down into her chest, then rolled behind a couch where she now couldn’t place her hand because something large was blocking her way. Saving Loki would actually kill her. 

He didn’t wait to find out if she was joking or if this was all a lie. Instead, he bit down on her neck and left a rather large bruise. He refused to be kind, oh no, that’d be to easy. Instead he ran his hands down her side and gripped her hip, pulling her tightly into his lower body. Moving from his first mark, he started on another and then another. By the time he was done, their were four marks all around her neck. Anyone could see them and it drove him insane. Looking into her bright blue eyes, his brown ones burning with a fiery passion. He crashed his lips back down onto her own, before groaning into her mouth.

Guilt||Brendon, Loki & David

The better part of Loki’s conscious mind was still in that park, but he projected a portion of himself to the pits of Hel, arriving in a flurry of green to face his recently absent daughter.

“I was wondering when you’d get here,” She says, sitting up and looking at him with black lifeless eyes. “You have a debt to pay still, father.” Her voice was disdainful and utterly morbid. Without balance in the underworld, she had been paying the price with her vivacity. Loki almost felt guilty. Almost.

“I will pay my debt in due time, daughter,” His clone responds. “I’m here for Brittany. Give her to me.”

And suddenly, his daughter sat forward on her throne, black eyes narrow but now in confusion. “I’m sorry, give who to you?” Loki could’ve swore at her, he was so on edge, livid even, but before he had the chance, she rose to her feet, back straight, shoulders back and eyes blown wide open. “Get back to Midgard,” She descended her throne quickly.

“What are you talking abo—…” He tried to question but before he could, the doors behind him were flung open and he could feel himself being ejected from the realm.

“You’re in danger there,” She says, putting her hands on his shoulders and pushing. “Your Brittany, she is not here,” She added like it was an afterthought. “Her soul would have been mine to claim, but she has not been through my realm.” She looked up at him, her irises now holding a familiar and hereditary trace of green. “She cannot be dead.”

Loki’s eyes went wide, his mouth went dry, and his throat tightened. Could he trust his daughter? He had scorned her rather recently and because of his lack in haste regarding their deal, she had been suffering.

“Go, you must go!” She gave him a final shove and his projection was forced out of Hel, zipping back to him where he stood in Midgard. He gasped, lungs filling with cool air, and he looked around. The feeling he’d had in Hel had carried over to that park…

He was at an utter loss.

David nodded. “Don’t worry, I’m good at that.” He said before focusing his power on a tree twenty feet in front of Loki. He sent a large wave of guilt to the tree first and then, so it would seem like that’s the direction it came from if he got suspicious, moved it onto Loki.

Brendon stood within a second, he felt the tense magic pour from where Loki stood. He’d done something, what he wasn’t sure. But something that could possibly ruin everything he’d worked for. Everything and more. 

Keeping his eyes on the God, wishing to scoff at the thought. Brendon spoke briefly to David. “Stay here until I give the signal, until then, dose him with lots and lots of guilt.” Bitterness pouring off of every word.

Hopping off the cliff and teleporting right behind Loki, Brendon just smiled brightly as though they were old friends. “Enjoying the stars are we?” Placing his hands in his front pockets, the cool air feeling heavenly against his skin. The magic was burning around them, he could feel that. He could also feel the waves of tension pouring off of Loki’s body, it was intoxicating and all he wished was to bask in it. Though he knew better. “They say never turn your back to an enemy,” Pulling his right hand out of his pocket, watching the blue and purple sparks pour around his finger tips. His brown eyes slowly trailed up to the back of the God’s head. “Though I would say we’re not enemies, oh no, we’re simply two men fighting over a toy.” Flicking his wrist he sent a large amount of magic into Loki’s back, wishing to cause him severe agony; He’d enjoy every second of this.

Coming Home: Brittany & Brendon

Instead of answering him, she wrapped her legs around his waist while pushing him down onto her bed with force. A sweet but innocent grin laying upon her porcelain features. Running her soft hand against his white cheek, pushing back his hair in the process. She sent a wave of love into his veins, hoping it felt as though he was laying upon the beach, the warm sun kissing his skin.
Moving her head towards his in a tater slow pace, Brittany let her red lips touch his. A wave of electricity was sent through her spine, leaving her hair standing on ends. It was nothing like Loki, even though enjoyable. It wasn’t knee melting, toe curling, screaming to the heavens out of pure ecstasy bliss. It was simple; she found simple didn’t suit her any longer.

A jolt of energy surged through his body, it was complete euphoria. The way her body felt above his, the way her lips still fell upon his own.  Running his hand upon her lower back, he quickly flipped them over. Pushing her deeper into the bed, growling onto her lips. Though the smell of Loki’s scent rushed him and he gripped her wrists tighter in the bed. “You’ve been away from him for weeks and yet you still smell just like him.” He hissed out into her lips, kissing her jaw all the way down towards her neck. “I could mar you.”